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La Nuit


 The night

« The night, slowly letting its warm veils

Merge the undefined outlines of the objects

From moment to moment, in the darkened skies,

Made sparkling stars glitter. »

La Nuit - Jules Verne

 In “La Nuit” you may lay down with the gentle rocking of a poetry.

Let the rhymes of the writer call you, the moment of a verse.

 Your pause becomes prose. Alexandrine, acrostic or sonnet, the town’s musicality is “re-creative”. Take your quill and note your memories down, comfortably settling at the imposing desk of that romantic suite. And then, with your words, continue the story written by the previous travellers who, just like you, lived that experience.

 Which meaning will you give to that fable of Nantes’s ?

 Looking forward to reading your words …


  • Suite with a double bed
  • 1 bathroom with a bath and toilets


  • A wardrobe to travel
  • An office area
  • Welcoming tray with a coffee machine and a kettle


During your stay in that place, all the charges (electricity, cleaning, bed sheet and bathroom towels), the breakfast drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate) are included.

There is no washing machine aboard but you can be proposed a dry-cleaning service should you wish so.

 That flat can be rent with the “De la Terre à la Lune” and “Le Voyage Extraordinaire” flats. 

Please consult the page “Plateau Jules Verne” for further information.