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Voyage en Ballon


Leave the nest and live some amazing moments of the expedition 5 weeks in a Balloon, Jules Verne’s famous novel published in 1863.

 Doctor Samuel Fergusson, Joseph Wilson or Richard “Dick” Kennedy… As those heroes of the novel, come aboard a lovely conciergerie whose scenery will allow you to get some fresh air.

 Take off and go and dream in a suspended bed installed in the Victoria gondola, the audacious hydrogen-inflated balloon.

 A calm atmosphere after the tempest, that is what that “nantaise” experience will allow you to find again, whether you stay there for a long or a short time. 


A small house of 17 square meters

  •  1 suspended double bed
  • 1 bathroom with a shower and toilet
  • 1 equipped kitchen


  • TV
  • WIFI
  • Coffee Machine
  • Water fountain


 All the charges (electricity, cleaning, bed sheet and bathroom towels), the breakfast drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate) are included in the stay in that place.

There is no washing machine there, however a dry-cleaning service may be proposed to you should you ask for one.