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Saturnia Pyri


" The caterpillar will call it death when the butterfly will call it revival" 

Violette Lebon

Sarah Fauget & David Cousinard, the two creator of the room, suggest you to enter the crysalide in this room.

Spaces and volumes has been thought as a cocoon made by several wood species...

Is the silk shelter that overcome the fire place real ? What is the purpose of a wooden fire place ? Which place does the Saturnia Pyri, giant butterfly of Loire River, take place in the room ?

Become for a night time something else and experiment being the main character of this piece of art

Turn yourself into this night butterfly, rare, which is not abreuve much and be careful as it died after coupling : Saturnia Pyri


Breakfast is included for 2 persons

The bathroom is located outside the bedroom, bathrobes and slippers are provided.

New !

You may have dinner in the castle ! We have an offer of jars made by "Les Bocos Locos'" 

17.00€ per person for 

  • Terrine or soup or vegetable spread
  • One hot meal 
  • One yogourt and one fruit
  • Bread and coffee included

We may also offer beverages