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De la Terre à la Lune


 The mission : a real trip in the heart of  Jules Verne’s imaginary worlds

The rocket launching spot : Nantes

The astronomers : the most curious minds

Departure time : as soon as you have reserved

 Are you ready to go on board inside Jules Verne’s visionary world ? Then, get ready for an unusual and unique experience.

 Prepare and cook your preferred astronomic dishes inside a space rocket, take your shower in a spaceship and send your children to sleep on the lunar platform.

The training is a Caroussel, the observation spot will lead your eyes to Buren’s Rings and the HQ basement is the writer’s cave.

 This is a place where the imaginary does not have any limits anymore. Fantastic stories will fill up your minds all night long.

Ladies and gentleman welcome on board please be ready for an immediate takeoff.


  • One room with double bed
  • One children area for 2 children ( under 12 years old )
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet


  • TV
  • WIFI
  • Coffee machine
  • Equipped kitchen in a rocket
  • Vast living room with a 3,5 m high ceiling
  • Amazing television sitting room


The room of that place is situated in a basement apartment  (without any windows)

 All the charges (electricity, cleaning, bedsheet, bathroom towels), the breakfast drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate) are included.